• A rubber band: To Stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone (be an example of growth)
  • A stick of gum: To remind you to stick with it (remember your passion)
  • A string: To tie thing together when they're falling apart (remember to be a team builder)
  • A match: to light your fire when you feel burnt out (your mentor is a light)
  • A band-aid: to give the person you may have hurt (saying sorry is not a sign of weakness in your leadership)
  • A tootsie roll: To remind you not to bite on more than you can chew (a leader does ask for help)
  • An Eraser: To remind you that it's okay to fix your mistakes (a leader admits to mistakes)
  • A snickers: To remind you to take time to laugh (need I say more)
  • A seed: To remind you that your leadership is planting seeds for those who are to follow (remember you too should continue to grow)
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