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I can't seem to get a grip on reality.

Speaking of you in past tense doesn't sit well...

I want to thank you for putting on a tough shell and fighting for what you believed in. Your smile never once stopped beaming light, proving your unique and unapologetic self had what it takes to be brave. Thank you for going the extra mile for those you loved. You were loved too.

Your words and actions weren't in vain. Young women in Korea will blossom into strong and open minded people inspired by who you were. Your footsteps will be followed in hopes of making changes in such a cold society. A law honoring your name was proposed to counter malicious comments. I'm sorry we didn't have it in time to save you.

You will be fondly remembered.

Have a safe journey, Ssul. I'll always love and miss you.

oct 16 2019 ∞
oct 28 2019 +
user picture bel: oct 16 2019
user picture lionheart: thank you for sharing your thoughts. to be honest, speaking of her in the past tense also is very jarring to me as well, it really doesnt feel real. one thing that's been comforting me lately is the idea that it takes 49 days to be reincarnated, so there's only 43 more days and she'll join our world again, in whatever form that may be. you may not believe in it, but it helped me find some peace oct 19 2019
user picture bel: and thank you for sharing <3 glad to hear you found a way to cope with it! It's a difficult process, I've been in this weird loop where it seems as it dawned upon me but then a while later I have to convince myself all over again... She meant a lot to me, getting back on track with my routines has been a hell of a task. It'll get better though, as cheesy as it sounds time really does heal all wounds. She used to say that she'd reborn as a small flower full of strong vitality, right?! she'll be okay. ♥
user picture ana: beautiful ♥ oct 20 2019
user picture bel: ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡