thank you for having me, i swear this has been my second home for the past weeks. i know i left a few days back, but thank you for still welcoming me with open arms. this is my happy place and i love everyone in it. thank you so much! oh, and happy 1st monthsary, my darlings!

euijin baby, the girl behind all of mario's positive messages. thank you for warmly welcoming me into this family. i already felt so comfortable right away because you were so nice to me. i love seeing you around tl!

my nini. you and baek were one of the people who stayed with me on tl every morning. i was always giggling at how cute you and baek were. thank you for always being sweet to me. i know you're not kinky.... maybe...

suji suji! your cuteness never fails to make me smile. you're such a softie and i love all your cute messages. you sounded the most excited when you found out i was coming back. i hope to see you more on tl, busy bee.

yeri! you're one of my first few friends in nintendo! thank you for keeping tl lively with your bubbly personality. i appreciate you a lot! never stop being cute.

babe, baby, cutie, whatever i call you. thank you for being my closest friend here in nintendo. i swear, i don't know how i've kept up with your ugly ass for so long. but besides all the banters, i appreciate you a little bit more than the others. let me be in control for once to make me a happy girl. don't stop calling me angel, you know i like it.

jimin, my smol cutie. hi, i used to see you around more on tl but maybe we just have bad timing. come on some more so i can give you my love. thank you for always being so nice with me!

hi juyeon! i see how much sehun and jiwon misses you a lot, so i'm pretty sure you're a special person. i hope we get a chance to be closer soon!

hi soo! this is actually my favorite photo of you. hi, i love seeing you and yeol interact on tl. but i've always been shy to talk to you, i hope we get the chance to talk some more!

dean, my skinny legend! i miss seeing your crack tweets on tl! how come i don't see you that much anymore? come back soon so i can love you!

jennie! the living goddess. thank you for gracing tl with your beautiful face always. and thank you for being sweet with me all the time. i see you get along with everyone, and that's what i like about you. kicks all your schedule away so you have more time on tl.

hi tae/vante! we never had a proper conversation, so i hope we do when you come back from hiatus. take care always!

chae cutie! we don't see each other on tl at the same time. i hope we do so we can bond some more! see you soon okay?

hi xiao! i always seem to just always say hi to you on tl. we should really talk some more! i'll slide in your dms one of these days ;)

baekkie, my cutie. clings forever and never lets you go. thank you for always cheering me up with your sweetness and cuteness. you and nini always make me soft. i hope you come back from hiatus soon because i already miss seeing you!

jeongguk! come back from hiatus so we can talk some more. i only saw your yeehaw tweets before and remember we only interacted that one day you were on. i hope you're not tiring yourself out too much!

doyoung with the candy emoji. whatever you say, i'll never see you as a dom hehe. be my baby boy so i have one more to take care of. stop resisting haha.

hi mark! we haven't interacted yet, but your bf tells me to ask you so he can confirm that he can be a dom daddy. you don't have to answer that because i'll always see him as my baby boy haha. let's just tease him for now. let's talk soon!

hi nana! wow aren't you a really gorgeous girl. i see you a lot on tl, but i swear the next time i see you i'll just get your attention and talk to you!

hi nahyun! ugh i always see your funny tweets so late on tl because we're not always on the same time. i hope we get to interact the next time that i'm on! you're a cutie.

seol, everybody's seolmate. you're such a sweetheart on tl and i appreciate how genuinely nice you are to everyone. just stay this way!

hi yeol! i remember you were always sweet towards me whenever we interacted. i hope i get to see you more after your hiatus! i miss seeing you be cute with soo.

jieq! damn look at those visuals! i miss seeing you on tl :( come on more and stop getting distracted hehe. talk to you sooon!

hi second juyeon! i don't think we have ever interacted, but we should. i hope you come online more often so we can talk! see you soon, darl!

hyungsik! aaah one of my favorite actors. i remember talking to you a lot before, and even suggested some fcs for you. come back soon after your hiatus. i also see you're being cute with miss seol ;)

jseph-ssi. i'm so happy that we have a kard member, because i love kard's songs.

taeyongie, the newest addition to my baby boys. you're so cute and you always seemed to care about me. don't worry, i'll be here for you all the time to check up on you and love you! cutie.

lalitha! stop being distracted and stay on tl. i wanna talk to you some more, darling.

hi yoongi! welcome back! i'm glad you chose to come back and stay with us. i'll never forget the "drunk" tweets you said to me awhile ago lmao. let's hang out some more.

hobi, our perpetually sad boi. no need to be sad, because a smile fits you so much better. if you need anything, or just someone to listen to you, i'm just a dm away!

hi sehunnie! thank you for opening up to me when i was confused about everything that time. it made me see you in a different and more positive light. also guess what? i'm close to jiwon now and i love her alot! see u on tl camboythehun!

hi lucas! i remember you were also there as one of the few members i've interacted with on nintendo. come back to us after your hiatus, we definitely miss you!

aaaah jiwon my gf. i love u a lot. thank you so much for trusting me and opening up a bit about yourself to me. it definitely got us closer and i'm really grateful for that. i'm always here for you to listen and cheer you up. my pretty gf!!

seul seul seul! how come i don't see you anymore? you better show up one day so we can talk a lot. i wanna get to know the new members so come okay?

hi 1/2 of jenbin! i love seeing your playful banter with jennie because i find the two of you cute. i hope we get to talk to each other soon, other than his and hellos!

ten, aka the guy who claims to be the manliest in nct. we both know that's not happening boi. haha i miss you tena lisa.

hyunggu, my subby baby. i'll never get tired of you pretending to be a hard dom and aggressive top. i've already seen your cute side. just stay that way so i can baby you some more. i'm happy you're enjoying your stay here even just on your first day. i'll see you around pup.

momoring! why have we only interacted once? come back peachy.

wonu, my sweet little boy. come here so i can baby you all the time and give you all my cuddles.

jeonghannie! you're just a newbie here on nintendo but i'm really grateful that you joined. i hope you like us and bond with us more, darl!

my buttercup and fire boy! you were new but i was surprised that you immediately came to me when you saw that i was in a really down mood. i appreciate that a lot and it made me like you so quick. i hope you stay active with us and you can come to me too for anything!

eunwoo #2. hey cute baby girl! welcome to nintendo. i hope you enjoy your stay with us and if you need anything you can just approach me! i'm here most of the time.

eunwoo #1 aka nintendo's #1 boyfriend. thank you for being one of my baby boys too. i love taking care of you and you make me soft all the time. i hope you always stay sweet to me, and to all our members. they will definitely love you. love u alot my cutie.

bona bona. the girl with big puthy energy, hey baby girl. i'm glad that we have one more person like you in nintendo. let's just baby all the boys we have here and be the most dominant females. the two of us can do it ;)

hi yoonoh! i've been waiting for you to come because i recently just become a fan of yours. i'm so delighted to find out you're a fan of me too! i hope we become closer one day.

hi eunbi! welcome to nintendo, darling. thank you for choosing us to stay with! i hope we get along from here on. you can mention or dm me anytime!

miss jisoo! welcome to our little fam. we just met but i hope we have a really good friendship soon! come to me for anything.

i love you all so much! x chungha

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