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"Are we all well when we’re relieved that anothers’ pain is “not mine,” growing accustomed to closing our eyes and blocking our ears in order to protect our own lives? How well can we be in a cold-hearted world when it continuously presses us to give up empathy?" - Jonghyun

Cindy follows:
tmh notes (So... What's Important in life)
travel (places i want to travel see )
performances (musicians i want to see live)
to do (Languages I'd like to learn)
notes (dream jobs/incomes)
  • Research
    • EPAT final draft
  • Prepodlife
    • Shoe museum article
  • Home
    • Borrower's defense
    • Loans
        • HPSL - UAS site, fill out form in July
        • Apply for Income-based loan for unsub toward start of grace period
    • VA paperwork
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aug 25 2019 +