To-do on my website

This update

  • make mp303 info mobile compatible-
  • see if there’s a way to make the alt text box disappear (or just make there not be images in the first place)-
    • fix the fix
  • make the audio of dglif element 400px wide so it works better on mobile-
  • add tru luv video to it’s page-
  • hit counter with neocities API-
  • write better alt text and overall make website more accessible
  • add webarchives to defunct websites and also add more to the links page
  • why does the about page scroll slightly?
  • optomise image sizes
    • asha remix
    • Andy Almods
    • 666
    • whatever else needs it tbh
  • I think the overall reason it’s slow is because there’s too much data being sent over the first time, try reducing it.-
    • What if you set the bg to onload?
  • fix psy.web tiling-
  • Make social media cards-
  • Make a page for my mixes-
    • Make a page for sending to clubs & stuff-


Maybe this update

  • chrome floaty things (like Cameron’s world)
    • could also make pillars like they are in there.
  • random page button on my main site.


Future updates

  • Duolingo archive (design to look as official as possible)
    • archive of all ads
    • all fonts downloadable
    • all Duolingo wrapped personalities
    • links to other archive things (like that full list of stories)
  • LPS archive
    • LPS VIP list
    • accurate information about the games
    • music and sound fx downloads
    • links to other sites like lps collectors wiki
  • remake boomboxx
  • mixer the gify pet
  • make a pop-up that asks if you want the flashing colours
    • maybe there’s a way to make gifs not animate
jul 28 2023 ∞
nov 8 2023 +