• SHREDDER! - My ultimate favorite. I actually own one at home. There's just something so satisfying about watching this office supply at work and hearing its buzzing, shredding sound.
  • Stapler - Every now and then I get stapler-happy and staple scrap papers for fun.
  • Whiteboard (with marker and eraser) - For doodling!
  • Sharpener - Using a sharpener makes me feel like I'm back in kindergarten. And I love seeing all my pencils sharpened.
  • Cutter (with steel ruler and cutting mat) - It makes me feel in control over things.
  • Sticker labels/CD marker - Labelling things = addicting.


  • Foldback clip - One of my most prized possessions in college. I used foldback clips to fasten my readings together.
  • Highlighter - For highlighting must-watch movies on my TV guide, haha.
  • Masking tape - A real savior during emergency situations.
  • Paperclip - It's always fun to make different shapes out of them.
  • Double-sided tape - Just because.
  • Blu-tack - Everything sticks! Amazing.
nov 11 2007 ∞
mar 31 2011 +
user picture katia: HAHA i love this list. i've always wanted a shredder! i thought/think it's so cool whenever i see one on tv. i like those big sharpeners, where you have to turn something at that side around and around. especially because your pencils would always come out perfectly sharpened, haha. nov 12 2007
user picture riacar: I looooove a cutter with cutting mat. Mmmm. :) mar 11 2008