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  • claus lucas / klaus lukas
  • 21
  • it/he
  • autistic + borderline + ptsd
  • mexican (hablo español)
  • muslim
  • a robot



  • gabriel and maya are my best friends we're bakukirikami irl
  • emma is my sweetheart galpal girlfriend
apr 9 2017 ∞
sep 4 2018 +
  • hello my quirk is making people stan bakugou
  • i'm friendly but cryptic, like mothman
  • most of my tweets are either headcanons or shitpost also i retweet a lot
  • if you mention something i like i'll probably try to talk to you about it, i reply to tweets a lot in general
  • once i'm comfortable with people (read: i've talked to them like thrice) i start sending things and messaging a lot, i just have a lot to say constantly, please @ me if i'm being overbearing
  • my brain is a merciless internet troll sending me anon hate 24/7 but i try to keep this twitter positive
  • i want to write for a living
  • if i say/do anything that bothers you please tell me
  • yes i am the guy that kins bakushima
apr 14 2017 ∞
may 25 2018 +

"i wish i was as passionate about life as you are about bakushima" -maya

"die you fic-writing heart-smashing bakushima-loving bastard" -gabriel

"the venn diagram of lucas and bakukiri is a circle" -rory

"this morning i woke up and you werent up extremely early pulling an all nighter to write a fic and it felt off" -luke

"I WASNT EVEN A HUGE FAN OF BAKUKIRI BUT U GOT NE LIKE helllo im the worlds biggest bakukiri supporter hows ur day goi" -blair

"i hope you know because of you i overcame my fear of being outed as a bakugou stan and now all my friends know im a bakugou stan" -aisyah

"yes we know you love "bakukiri" yes we know you cant wait for the redemption arc yes we kno you relate to bakugou on a personal level YES we know you love kirishima WE KNOW" -jules

may 25 2018 ∞
may 25 2018 +