• An echo that seems to go on and on forever until it fades into a deafening silence
  • The rain falling on your skin, raindrops clinging on your cheeks for dear life
  • The power love has over people
  • How a tree grows, sprouts branches from its fingers that point towards what they want most in the world
  • Desire
  • The click of a kettle, ready to make you sweet tea
  • Blood, how it turns from red to a hard black
  • The feel of skin on skin
  • An empty stage
  • The promise of a new notepad/sketchbook
  • The taste of honey on toast
  • Photosynthesis
  • The crackle my Grammaphone makes when a beautiful song finishes but the needle keeps on dancing
  • How an elderly couple look at each other, a look of fondness, love and time
  • How pupils dilate in the light
  • A whisper
  • Secrets
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