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because my best friend and I have been reduced to puddles of anger and regret due to fan fiction and greasy pizza.

  • Fics with a ❤ are favorites.
  • Fics with a ☆ are unfinished.
  • I try to look for broken links and replace them periodically.
  • Sometimes fics just get deleted completely. I like to keep their links up just in case they get re-uploaded.
  • The To Read (for little shit) list are fics for my best friend to read, which I add to regularly.
  • The To Read list are fics that I haven't gotten around to reading and will categorize later after I complete them.
  • I tend to read the pairings I like most (basically almost anything with Sehun) but every once in awhile I'll venture out into something completely different.
  • I have a thing for submissive and/or bottom Sehun so expect a lot of that.
  • I accidentally tend to type "kink" as "king". Please just overlook that. I'll catch my dumb eventually.
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  • Beauty Needs An Animal
    • one shot / nc17 - Wolf AU. 4.7k. Sehun gets abandoned by his pack. Lone wolf Chanyeol takes him in. (Warnings: Knotting. Violence. Temporary Character death.)
  • Bite Me Gently
    • one shot / nc17 - Vampire!AU. 8.5k. “You know, the world is full of monsters, and I’m one of them.” (Warnings: Violence.)
  • Blow My Mind
    • one shot / nc17 - Inspired by the famous Chanyeol jerking at Sehun's cap at the airport video. (Warnings: Breath play. Potential non-con.)
  • Dirty Laundry
    • one shot / nc17 - Catboy!AU. Sehun actually did his laundry for once, and now expects Chanyeol to give him something in return. (Warnings: Bratty Sehun.)
  • (Endlessly High And Deep
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  • Heat Me Up
    • one shot / nc17 - Sometimes it takes Sehun by surprise, the timing seems odd in the middle of their somewhat romantic cuddle session, but it really shouldn't because it's Yixing after all. (Warnings: Master kink. D/S. Temperature play. Blindfolding.)
  • Good Kitty
    • one shot / nc17 - Catboy!AU. Jongin takes Sehun to an adult pet store. (Warnings: Slight exhibitionism.)
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  • Movie Night
    • one shot / nc17 - Kris has no intention on watching the movie. Luhan changes his mind as well. (Warnings: Exhibitionism.)
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  • As The Stars Fall
    • one shot / nc17 - Apocalypse!AU. The stars will fall, the seeds will rise again. (Warnings: Library hookup. Nuclear weapon war.)
  • Backyardigans
    • one shot / nc17 - (512): they knew we were both to shy to do anything so they got us drunk and locked us in the back yard with a tent. it was fuck or freeze. (1-512): you have the best friends. (Warnings: Unconventional use of a tent.)
  • Boyfriend
    • one shot / pg13 - “I found these flowers on the ground on my way home. Do you want them?” (Warnings: Cute teasing. Implied sexual situations.)
  • Distractions
    • one shot / nc17 - Sehun cards his fingers through Zitao's d... (Warnings: Piercings!)
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Teach My Brother About Sex

    • chapters / nc17 - "Kris, you are the only one of my friends that isn't a virgin, can you please do this for me?" she begged, hands clasped in front of her as she gave her best puppy dog look to her best friend. (Warnings: Mild angst. Sex toys.)
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  • How To Pet: A Users Guide
    • chapters / nc17 - Sorta catboy!AU. Luhan has never really been able to get along with cats. Until Joonmyun gets one and his life is turned into even more insanity that it already is. (Warnings: Petting. Collar play. Scratching. Marking. Bondage. Catnip. Unprotected intercourse. Unprepared intercourse.)


  • (Sharps And Naturals) )
    • one shot / nc17 - Pianist!AU. Jongin dissipates in the music that is Oh Sehun, and Sehun finds himself lost in Kim Jongin’s deep eyes. (Warnings: Drunk Sehun. Crying Sehun. Rimming.)
  • Underbelly
    • chapters / nc17 - A part of Sehun has always belonged to th... (Warnings: Graphic imagery of death. Fan...
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  • Untitled.
    • one shot / nc17 - Jongdae comes home from China bearing a gift that sends Chanyeol's head reeling. (Warnings: Piercings.)
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  • 一直记得你的美。
    • one shot / nc17 - Luhan doesn't like the way Sehun is getting close to the others. (Warnings: Jealousy. Angst. Airplane bathroom sex.)
  • 你曾经爱过我,我目前还爱着你。...
    • one shot / pg13 - Based off of the movie The Vow. (Warnings: Memory loss.)
  • 21.
    • one shot / pg13 - Luhan and Sehun take care of each other the best they know how. (Warnings: Eating disorders. Suicidal themes.)
  • And Baby I Breathe You
    • one shot / r - _ luhan takes and takes while sehun glues him back back together, piece by jagged-edged piece until his hands bleed and he can’t tell if the crimson between his fingers is his or luhan’s. it’s the perfect arrangement._ (Warnings: Self ha...
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  • Tease Me Tonight
    • one shot / nc17 - Baekhyun likes to tweet and Luhan happens to get caught in the middle of one of his very blunt tweets. (Warnings: Impatient, bossy Baekhyun.)
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  • Quick On The Shoot
    • chapters / nc17 - Jongin is flush with more than success, Chanyeol and Jongdae are evil, Lu Han is possibly trying to help, and Kevin mostly wants to cover his eyes and pretend he hasn’t seen anything. (Warnings: Humiliation. D/S. Pet play. Collar play. Humblers. Dry orgasms. Ball and cock torture. Orgasm denial. Biting and marking. Whipping (drawing blood slightly). Voyeurism. Exhibitionism. Semi-public sex. Rimming. Teabagging. Gagging. Facials. Temperature play. Blindfolding.)
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  • Come To Me, My Pet
    • one shot / nc17 - Sehun beckons and Jongins comes. (Warninigs: D/S)
  • Go Ahead, I Dare You
    • one shot / nc17 - drunken dares are the bane of Oh Sehun's existence. and maybe Kim Jongin, too. (Warnings: Cross dressing.)
  • How We Like It
    • one shot / nc17 - Sehun takes Jongin out into the woods. (Warnings: Salirophilia. D/S elements.)
  • Improvisation
    • one shot / nc17 - Sehun is mad about his 18th birthday. (Warninigs: Blindfolding. Asscheek fucking.)
  • Kkangpae
    • chapters / nc17 - _Sehun and Jongin are in a gang. Part II _ (Warnings: Spanking. Bareback. Orgasm denial. Slight bondage. Rimming. Branding. Hematolagnia. Knife play. Breath play. Forced exhibitionism. Gun play. Russian roulette. Rough sex.)
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jan 24 2014 +
  • Let's Play A Game
    • one shot / nc17 - Yixing doesn't really want to watch a movie. (Warnings: Semi public sex.)
  • Woodwork
    • one shot / nc17 - Jongdae may or may not have a thing for doors. (Warnings: Door abuse!)
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  • Haec Olim
    • chapters / nc17 - The sky Sehun is painting is almost blue. (Warnings: Explicit scenes. Infidelity.)
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  • Anterograde Tomorrow
    • chapters / nc17 - Kyungsoo is stuck in the hours while Jongin begs the seconds, because time stops for someone who can't remember and runs from someone who can't miss the last train home. (Warnings: Angst. Memory Loss.)
  • Autumn
    • chapters / nc17 - Pedophile!AU. They told him to escape whilst he had the chance. Kyungsoo chose not to listen to them. (Warnings: Pedophilia. Rough sex. Character death.)
  • Fall Into Place
    • one shot / nc17 - And maybe Jongin doesn't know what this is, but he likes where it's going. (Warnings: Angst. Homophobia.)
  • Innocence Awry
    • one shot / nc17 - Kyungsoo might have an acute infatuation with Jongin’s cock. (Warnings: Hints of Kyungsoo messing aro...
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  • A Little Piece Of Heaven
    • one shot / nc17 - Sehun does door-to-door sales and Baekhyun writes. It somehow works out from there. (Warnings: Angst.)
  • Dildo Affairs
    • one shot / nc17 - Sehun and Baekhyun play with dildos. This is what happens. (Warnings: Rimming. 69.)
  • Eloquence
    • one shot / nc17 - Baekhyun fingers Sehun in the shower. (Warnings: Baekhyun's fingers. Bitchy Sehun.)
  • Fixations
    • one shot / nc17 - Fixations are never a good thing where Baekhyun is concerned. (Warnings: Obsessiveness.)
  • Grain Under Skin
    • one shot / nc17 - Baekhyun's life is boring. Then Sehun appears. (Warnings: Phytophilia? Implied characte...
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  • Wildly Anachronistic
    • one shot / nc17 - Chanyeol gets Jongin an unconventional gift for Christmas and Jongin is pretty sure he's not supposed to like it this much. He's pretty sure he's not supposed to like wearing girls' underwear but he does, and that probably says a lot about him, like how he's a fucking pervert or something. (Warnings: Cross dressing. Daddy kink.)
  • Young Rut
    • chapters / nc17 - Chanyeol moves into a new dorm for school. Finding himself drawn to his new roommate, Jongin. (Warnings: Mentions of child abuse.)
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dec 28 2013 +
  • How To Pet: A Users Guide
    • chapters / nc17 - Sorta catboy!AU. Luhan has never really been able to get along with cats. Until Joonmyun gets one and his life is turned into even more insanity that it already is. (Warnings: Petting. Collar play. Scratching. Marking. Bondage. Catnip. Unprotected intercourse. Unprepared intercourse.)
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  • You Found Your Heart Again
    • one shot / nc17 - Chanyeol/Cat-hybrid!Sehun/Cat-hybrid!Kai, Catboy!AU. Chanyeol stops, looking to his right and almost being blinded by the bright glowing sign.


  • Get Off Easy
    • one shot / nc17 - In which Jongin sleeps around and Sehun responds to this in a slightly unconventional way. (Warnings: Recreational drug use. Voyeurism.)
  • Kinked
    • one shot / nc17 - Sehun meets Luhan's daddy. (Warnings: D/S. Torture. Breath play. Spanking.)
  • Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly
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