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(<- guy who will never be free from the clutches of yaoi)

  • they/them + 22 + e asian
  • perpetual fictional boy hell dweller
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may 24 2022 +

some recent fandoms:

  • enstars -> mostly hiirin, nikirin, mikashu
    • crazy:b, valkyrie, undead, knights main
    • also like: crazy:b/rinne, mob/rinne, knights/tsukasa, reikao, reikoga, ritsurei, ritsumao + more
  • twst -> ridoace, jade/floyd
  • jjk -> all/yuuji, past gego
  • genshin -> all/kaeya (ragnvindrs+), all?/childe, aelumi, albeklee, xiaoyun, xiaozhong

other things i've rted/posted in the past: fe3h, persona 3-5r, omori, arcane, spn, hannibal, batman '22, banana fish, promare, sk8, lis2, death stranding

oct 1 2020 ∞
aug 6 2022 +
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aug 6 2022 +

please don't follow me if you're a minor, anti, irl zoophile/map, or generally get weird abt real animals and/or children (child actors, etc.). should be a given, but let's be kind & have morals in real life ^_^.

i rt/post untagged fictional incest, lolisho, gore, dub/noncon, whump, & other potentially triggering (ptsd, eating disorders, religious guilt) or commonly disliked (genderbending, hetbending) themes.

  • this is a pretty 'everything goes' space art-wise, so if you have any severe squicks or triggers, please be cautious & consider not following.

while i have some common preferences & landmines, i also rt/post pretty much whatever i find compelling at the moment & change interests semi often— feel free to break mutuals or unfollow if our interests no longer align :)

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jul 14 2022 +
  • unless otherwise stated, my pairings are almost always fixed position (left-right, seme-uke, top-bottom, etc.) & the reverse order is my landmine. i don't tend to block/unfollow over different preferences or argue/post hate, but i'm generally not interested in seeing or discussing the reverse order and will politely look away. T_T i apologize... this is my troublesome snake fujo habit.
  • in true snake fashion, i also tend to fixate heaviest on characters i consider locked bottoms & like seeing them in a variety of pairings, including with mob character(s).
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