main aka i'm super loud about this

  • tales of franchise (zestiria main)
  • sword art online (alicization mostly)
  • tales of the rays JP (feel free to ask for codes)
  • digimon (adventure main)
  • ys (big fan of IX monstrum nox)
  • hardcore tano*c
  • jrpg in general
  • seiyuu world
  • bl+shounen manga
  • otome games
  • jay b (lim jaebeom) (got7 in general)

side aka i only talk about it on main here and there when i complain

  • gbf (feel free to ask for code)

i tweet about anything and everything that comes to my mind

may 31 2017 ∞
jan 14 2022 +

tales of franchise

  • sorey, mikleo, law (i'm super loud about these three), vicious, kanata, leon, eizen, eleanor, arche, cress, chronos, ludger, etc. i can go on about tales forever


  • ishida yamato (grits teeth), yagami taichi, minamoto koji, gabumon, agumon, omegamon, beelzemon, etc

sword art online

  • kirito<3, eugeo, leafa, alice


  • i've only played like 2 games so far but i beat IX only lol
  • I REALLY love mr hawk (sobs

seiyuu world

  • i'm pretty much into every male seiyuu ou...
may 31 2017 ∞
jan 14 2022 +


  • sorey/mikleo, zaveid/eizen, vicious/kanata are my main ones but i yell about pretty much any tales ship


  • taichi/yamato, hikari/takeru (it goes on)

sword art online

  • kirito/eugeo

plus bunch of other ships that i can't remember rn. feel free to yell abt any ship in my dms i am all ears

may 18 2021 ∞
jan 14 2022 +