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Coffee addict.
Makeup junkie.
Art history geek.
Counts only the bright hours.
Sings in the shower.
Obsessed with the 70's.
Doesn't mind the odd vampire.

This is the only organized part of my life.

coffeestains follows:
BK television (2019 Winter/Spring TV Schedule)
books (Books in 2018)
products (Makeup Preferences )
books (To Read/To Finish)
sam websites (plus size clothing)
  • paranormal romance YA novels
  • dystopian YA novels
  • makeup blogs
  • nutella & bananas on toast
  • pajamas all day long
  • reruns of The Big Bang Theory
  • reruns of Gilmore Girls
  • novels by Sarah Dessen
  • novels by Kristin Cashore
  • Bravo's The Real Housewives
  • HGTV House Hunters, Property Virgins and Property Brothers
  • kid cereals
  • Twilight
  • watching makeup tutorials on YouTube
  • episodes of Dateline
mar 9 2010 ∞
jul 3 2013 +