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  • 01. new year, new list
  • 01. finally adopted a pair of cats, i love my boys
  • 02. got my covid booster
  • 02. thought i got covid again, turns out i spent a lot of money to find out i might just have rhinovirus :/
  • 02. halfway to fifty years old
  • 03. let a hem/onc patient shave my head for st. baldrick's
  • 03. still got this weird postnasal drip/coughing fits, i miss my health
  • 03. moral of story: just take antibiotics :/
  • 04. Finally, finally, finally took my first dose of T
  • 05. tried to be good and make a dentist appointment, turns out everything is way worse than i thought lmao
  • 05. okay so they took out my problem tooth and my wisdom teeth after my face swelled a scary amount lol; happy to be healing
  • 06. iiiiiiii bought a car???? rip karen, you were a great car, but your boy needed AC and reliability :') (2005 pontiac grand prix -> 2014 fiat 500 pop)
  • 07. basically broke up with my parents. whatever forever
  • 07. spent more money after being peer pressured to find out i don't have covid. again. lol
  • 07. starting to wonder if i'm more allergic to my cats than i thought :((
  • 07. got selected for jury duty, i'm glad i got to have the experience. thankfully the case i sat on wasn't traumatic for listeners.
  • 07. trying to hurry up and change my name/gender marker before they outlaw that, too...
  • 08. submitted my paperwork, awaiting a response......
  • 08. celebrating a whole year employed as a nurse! it's nice to have a job i genuinely enjoy. :')
  • 08. halloween can't come fast enough and i've started a squishmallow addiction......
  • 08. got new glasses, i can see again!
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