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hey u wanna stalk ur mom? rllyy??? out of everyone on this listography or whatever it's called site??? ok well dont blame me when she comes to search ur history and sees u snooping about in her business LOLLLL u r soooo grounded

ur mom follows:
  • pastel yellow and pastel pink n just pastel colors in general
  • turtle-neck sweaters, scrunchies, leggings (v comfy), stripes!!!, basically anything that resembles older fashion : P
  • corgis
  • space
  • petting my three adorable kitties
  • odd numbers
  • nostalgic things......
  • ironically using the sunglass emoji
  • flamingos
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oct 25 2018 +
  • i'm a libra aND tHaT rHyMeS wItH zEbRa
  • twin (not identical)
  • she/her
  • enfj/infj
  • hufflepuff
  • vegetarian
  • high-schooler
  • loves drawing!!!
  • a huge nerd B)
  • a v short nerd (5'1 and 3/4. the 3/4 matters).
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music: sublime, fall out boy, panic! at the disco, cage the elephant, camila cabello, troye sivan, halsey, arctic monkeys, waterparks

tv shows: rick and morty, supernatural, riverdale, stranger things, pretty little liars

youtubers: shane dawson & friends, james charles, emma chamberlain, the dolan twins, antonio garza, joana ceddia, and loads more (why do i sound like a commercial tho)

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  • psychology
  • astrology
  • science!!!
  • conspiracy theories
  • reading just about every book imaginable
  • writing
  • math (i know i'm such a nerd, sue me)
  • learning random useless facts like the fact that im lame
  • singing, even though i'm horrible : P
  • drawing nonstop until my hand cramps
  • a bunch of youtubers, music, and other fandoms
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  • making complicated decisions (ur typical libra issues)
  • mean people!!!!
  • LOTS and LOTS of food because i swear im the most picky person on this planet
  • the cold/winter. the only good thing about it is christmas. don't @ me
  • neon colors eewwww especially neon yellow. ok, i like neon green. ok, scratch that. just neon yellow.
  • country and rap music. *inserts "it's my opinion" vine*
  • broken promises r the worse
  • sharks r really scary and so are beetles n spiders
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oct 26 2018 +
  • to kill a mockingbird
  • the harry potter series
  • brave new world (v weird but cool)
  • the catcher in the rye
  • the maximum ride series
  • the perks of being a wallflower

!!!!!! recommend me good books pls?

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