• paw of the crimson cat
  • cane of the shrine guardian
  • ears of the moon rabbit
  • bow of the white wisp
    • Whisper: South Shroud, Upper La Noscea, Southern Thanalan
  • whisker of the brave cat / buckler of the legendary cat
    • Shogunyan: Lower La Noscea, Central Thanalan, East Shroud
  • fang of the fearless cat
    • Hovernyan: Western La Noscea, Eastern Thanalan, South Shroud
  • codex of the shrine guardian
    • Komajiro: Central Thanalan, East Shroud, Western La Noscea
  • globe of the lucky snake
    • Noko: Southern Thanalan, North Shroud, Outer La Noscea
  • spear of the spark serpent
  • twintails of the flame fox
  • musket of the metal cat
    • Robonyan F-Type: Upper La Noscea, Southern Thanalan, North Shroud
  • staff of the snow maiden
  • book of the eerie mutt
  • gunblade of the yo-kai king
    • Lord Enma: Stormblood zones
  • rapier of the serpent lord
    • Lord Anata: Heavensward zones
  • katana of the king's counsel
    • Zazel: Heavensword zones
  • glaives of the dark princess
    • Damona: Stormblood zones

—FATEs to keep an eye for

  • Metal Gears Reveangeance 2 (Dravanian Hinterlands)
  • The Evil Seed (The Fringes)


  • lord enma
  • lord anata
  • zazel
  • damona
  • should have all the medals for these
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