hay hay!!!! here are socials i have!!!!:

- insta!

- twt! (obvi)!

- q! (iykyk)!

- tumblr!

- snap!

- discord!

ask me for any of them im not quite comfortable publicly listing them out :^]

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hay hay hay!!!!!! more information abt me lets see uhhhhh. .. sorry my only personality is being weird idk LOL.

i try my best to be friendly but if we are pretty close friends ill be jokingly mean if ur comfortable with that. whenever i do make personal posts theyre usually to talk abt serious topics like antisemitism and such, so im more rt heavy.

i usually tag things as such "cw (or tw) // (word or series)". example: "cw // cookie run", "tw // abuse". i will not tag antisemitism discussions, as someone jewish myself. on the off chance that i do, it will only be for another jewish mutuals' comfort. if ur jewish and want me to tag something relating to such, feel free to ask!

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here are some games i play that i would love to have someone else play with me!!!:

- stardew valley!

- minecraft!

- cookie run! (kingdom, im not high enough on ovenbreak yet </3)!

- dead by daylight!

- jackbox! (i dont have the game, but id love to play if u do)!

- pony town!

if there is anything problematic with these games please let me know :^]

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