• 1. what color do you talk in?

Maybe orange? Or yellow, very sunny but not as fiery as some.

  • 2. what songs do you think people remember you by?

Really I have no idea, but here are my guesses: Celeste by Ezra Vine (not just because it shares my name), King and Lionheart by O.M.A.M, and Old Money by Lana del Rey.

  • 3. if you could take claim for any invention, which would it be?

I don't know, maybe the toaster. It is quite nice. Oh, and I also like couches very much. Tea kettles, perhaps.

  • 4. radio or mp3?

No preference.

  • 5. what movie character would you choose to be your parent and why?

More of a book character, but Minerva McGonagall: she's so lovely and proper, but warm inside and very intelligent. I think she would make a very good mother for anyone.

  • 6. if people floated instead of walking, how far off the ground would you be?

All the way up in the sky.

  • 7. choose a song to live off of.

Either my favorite song of all time, Counting Stars by OneRepublic, or one of these two: Heaven Knows by Five for Fighting or Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy.

  • 8. would you rather have clouds for feet or suns for hands?

Clouds for feet.

  • 9. is your phone charged enough?

In general, no. Right now, yes. My computer, however, is at 18%.

  • 10. if you could choose one person to protect with your life, who would it be?

I thought about this one a while ago and I forget who I picked-- I'll write it in when I have a look in my journal.

  • 11. if you had to choose one person to be protected by, who would they be?

Hm, a tough question. I guess I'll just go with the slightly boring answer of my Mum.

  • 12. what book do you need to read?

There are two: The Upside of Unrequited, and Eleanor and Park.

  • 13. who saved your life?

That's such a difficult question, but I would have to say Claire or Camila: I don't know where I'd be without those two.

  • 14. cds or vinyl?


  • 15. if you could only repeat words said by one person, who would you want to be echoing?

Mm, either Obama (maybe) or Claire.

  • 16. do you like feeling tall?

Oh yes. I love it. I dread when all the people who are shorter than me inevitably grow up around me and I am left average height.

  • 17. do you like wearing other people's shirts?

Depends on the person, but usually yes.

  • 18. if you could breathe music, which artist would you choose to inhale and which would you choose to exhale?

If we assume that the exhaling is getting rid of them, then inhale Of Monsters and Men (I basically already do) and exhale Eminem-- good music but I despise all the negativity and anger.

  • 19. would you rather have hair that changes color with emotion or get injured each time you're touched by the person you love?

Definitely the hair.

  • 20. what are the promises you've made to yourself?

Not many, just the ones in the "creed" section of the identity ask I did.

  • 21. if your family died, whose house would you go to for safety and reassurance?

I think Natalie's, or the Piersons.

  • 22. what wouldn't you do to help a friend?

It depends how badly they needed it, but most likely I wouldn't seriously injure myself.

  • 23. if you had to choose one music artist, actor, or author to become your mentor, who would it be?

John Green for sure.

  • 24. who do you admire most in the world? why?

Tricky, because there's so many choices, but Camila comes to mind. Yes, there's lots of amazing people, but I don't know them and that makes it difficult to know if I would really like them in person. So, Camila.

  • 25. what are songs that make you want to become the sky?

That's a... really specific question. More generally, I'd say Heaven Knows by Five for Fighting and The Nights by Avicii.

  • 26. would you rather be the night sky or the day sky?

The day sky-- stars are gorgeous but day is so lovely, and you could see all the things happening down on earth.

  • 27. would you rather be the sky or the earth?

The sky, the earth is in such a bad place right now.

  • 28. would you rather be the earth or the moon?

The moon

  • 29. would you rather be the moon or the sun?

Oh, that's a tricky one... I suppose I would rather be the sun. It seems less lonely.

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