• I have, in two boxes, a "thing collection" of things I like that I want to hold onto.
  • My favorite font is Cardo and I use it for everything.
  • I absolutely adore Christmas and the lead-up to it, during which I listen to the Bells of Dublin album by The Chieftains over and over and over.
  • I'm obsessed with the show Friends (I'm on the fifth season and love it to bits).
  • I don't understand the trend of "granny chic" names like Agatha, Astrid, Florence, etc.
  • I'm an only child.
  • My instrument is French horn, which I really like but admittedly am not very good at playing.
  • If I could have three wishes they would be 1, to be an elf or young sorceress in a traditional fantasy/fairytale world, 2, to be able to fly, and 3, to be able to summon any food I wanted.
  • My favorite tea is Tazo chai, with which I take soy milk and more sugar than I should.
  • Speaking of which, regular milk makes me sick, but other dairy foods do not, so I have soy milk but am not lactose-intolerant as far as I know.
  • When I was in elementary school I was in the Maine State Spelling Bee (still clinging to that glory!).
  • My current favorite song, which changes all the time, is either American Teen by Khalid or Water Fountain by Alec Benjamin.
  • If I had been a boy my name would have been Ezra, and my mum considered the name Helen (a family name) for me, but from pretty early on they wanted to call me Sarah Celeste-- Sarah for my mum's sister, and Celeste because my parents liked it.
  • I've had one short story and one poem published before.
  • The first book I ever read all the way through, when I was about four, was Ten Apples Up On Top by Doctor Seuss.
  • I'm allergic to mint gum-- it makes my mouth swell up and ache.
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