I seem so unsure compared to everybody else, cough cough Ari, who has such a great list and called it masculine combos, whereas I'm not even sure of what's going on

  • Adrian Lars
  • Adrian Malcolm Noel
  • Adrian Pax
  • Alexander Neal
  • Alexei Clarke
  • Atticus Weston
  • Callum Adrian Lars
  • Callum Adrian Luca
  • Callum Alexander
  • Callum Davies
  • Casey Alexander
  • Caspian Locke
  • Cassius Nils
  • Celyn Elias Neil
  • Celyn Pascoe
  • Chaucer Malcolm
  • Clarke Romulus
  • Crispin Alexander
  • Devon Elias
  • Jago Elias
  • Julius Weston
  • Julius Wilder
  • Lachlan Azrael Archer
  • Lachlan Julius Clarke
  • Lachlan Julius Neal
  • Lachlan Sage
  • Lachlan Sage Elias
  • Luca James
  • Luca Pax
  • Luca Sylvester
  • Luca Sylvester Wales
  • Lysander Keats
  • Malcolm Bay
  • Malcolm Cove
  • Malcolm Nils
  • Malcolm Viridian
  • Rhodes Nikolai
  • Schuyler Caspian Lars
  • Sylvester Pax
  • Weston Elias
  • Wilder Cobalt
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jan 20 2019 +
user picture Stariteller: Awww, thank you for the coughing fit praise! (my favorite kind). I assure you, I am actually not that great with boy name combos and my list is tentative at best (except for the bolded ones, those are my faves). From this list, I love Julius Wilder, Clarke Romulus, Callum Davies, Caspian Locke, Adrian Malcolm Noel, Lysander Keats, and Atticus Weston. May I also suggest Callum Alexander and Julius Weston? I read some of your combos wrong and liked those mistakes. jan 10 2019
user picture sarah celeste: Thanks so much! I really like Callum Alexander and Julius Weston-- in fact, I think I'll add them. Thanks again, I really appreciate the suggestions. jan 20 2019