• Fia Calytrix (wild star-flower)
  • Tamsyn Selena (twin moon goddesses)
  • Tauriel Asa (daughter of the forest born in the morning)
  • Melantha Moselle (dark flower drawn from water)
  • Sappho Calandra (sapphire lark)
  • Morrigan Pasha (phantom queen of the ocean)
  • Acacia Rhoswen (thorny white rose)
  • Acacia Melantha (thorny dark flower)
  • Sibley Tallulah (oracle of the leaping water)
  • Hera Cordelia (protectress of the daughter of the sea)
  • Zita Proserpine (little queen of the underworld)
  • Fia Delphine (wild dolphin)
  • Morrigan Delia (phantom queen of Delos)
  • Tansy Selena (immortal moon goddess)
  • Ursa Tauriel (little bear of the forest)
  • Astraea Moselle (star drawn from the water)
  • Eos Tallulah (dawn of the leaping water)
  • Zarina Moselle (golden vessel drawn from the water)
  • Neel Calytrix (sapphire blue star-flower)
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user picture Stariteller: Ursa Tauriel is so cute, and the meaning is adorable! Tauriel Asa is awesome too, as is Fia Calytrix. oct 27 2018
user picture sarah celeste: Thanks! oct 28 2018