Thanks for the inspiration, Ari!

  • Solomon Lars
  • Adrian Felix
  • Alexander Malcolm
  • Cassius Isaac
  • Elliot Lachlan
  • Tobias Callum
  • Luca Wilder
  • Vivi Leonore
  • Ada Marigold
  • Caia Victoria
  • Yari Elowen
  • Ivy Ellis
  • Leona June
  • Lara Joy
  • Zia Rosemary
  • Cora Tamsyn
  • Lyra Keats
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user picture Stariteller: Haha, I love this! To make names bold or italics, do this: __bold__ (2 underscores) and _italics_ (1 underscore). jan 20 2019
user picture sarah celeste: Thanks!
user picture Stariteller: I especially like Tobias Callum, Vivi Leonore, Ada Marigold, Caia Victoria (gorgeous!), Yari Elowen (so pretty!), Leona June, and Zia Rosemary!
user picture sarah celeste: Oh good, I'm glad you like them! This was quite fun to do, and I think I stumbled on some combos I really like in the process.