• Hufflepuff
  • Patronus: Dolphin
  • Wand: According to Pottermore- hazel, dragon heartstring core, 14", swishy. According to me- poplar, dragon heartstring core, 12", somewhat yielding
  • Animagus: Swan or coyote
  • Favorite core class: Charms
  • Best class: Care of Magical Creatures (or Charms)
  • Favorite elective class: Divination
  • Keeper
  • Boggart: family/close friends acting unlike themselves, untrustworthy or drunk
  • Mirror of Erised reflection: with someone I really care about, and they actually love me (in a romantic way)
  • Possible careers: journalist/writer of magical textbooks, wandmaker, shop owner- candies, trinkets, magical items and souvenirs
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