SIRIUS's childhood wasn't nice. It wasn't filled with toys or laughter, it was filled with choking back tears and saying i'm okay until the words doesn't make sense. It need to be like that, because there were four younger sisters of him neglected by their own parents. Too focused to their fights and leave everything that aren't the fights or food to Sirius.

It was sucks, Sirius was only fifteen when he need to be both father and mother to his four younger sisters. Everyday was a chaos, shoutings from kitchen never absent every night, and there'll be quiet sobs and terrified faces. It was Sirius' job to comforted them, Even when he couldn't comfort himself.

Sirius didn't finish his college. It was too expensive and there were too much mouths to feed. His father still with them, a drunken loud mouthed man, his mother, strong and prideful woman with no desire to back down. They were still fighting, but sometimes it quieted down or paused. Because when Sirius reached eighteen, they just realized how long they neglected their own kids.

It doesn't did much, but at least it was better. Sirius was able to tasted education in college even if it doesn't long. Sirius understood it, and decided to picked up his second oldest sister's old camera and turned it as a job.

It was hell for a starter, he need to do many part-time jobs, to support his income and voluntary shoots to be known first. It takes years, but when he finally reached twenty-four years old, everything started to be stable. His skill improved and more people went to him as clients. And then someone offered him a job to photo the poseidon eyes . . .

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