Nickname: Nat, Natty, Skittles MBTI / Ennegram ♦ ENFJ Zodiac ♦ Taurus Your Reputation ♦ Crocheter sweetie pie that's apparently too clingly How You See Yourself ♦ Kind, stubborn, optomistic, creative, crocheter of things. Hogwarts House ♦ Hufflepuff Faction ♦ I don't read a lot of fan fiction Anime Tropes ♦ Genki Girl. Your Game of Thrones Sigil ♦ Yellow background, red badger, "Live by the hook". Lets Get Personal

Who Do You Go Out Of Your Way To Be Nice To ♦ Everything. What Languages Do You Wish You Could Speak ♦ French, German, and Russian. What Tattoos Do You Want ♦ A forget me not flower over my heart, and a fork and knife intertwined on my forearm. If You Could Have Dinner With Anyone Alive or Dead ♦ Queen Vicoria. What Book or Movie Do You Quote Most ♦ If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best- Marilyn Monroe. What Is The Worst Movie Trope ♦ Guy saves girl to get the girl. Can't the girl to save the guy and not be with the guy?. What Qualities Do All Your Friends Have In Common ♦ Loyalty and love. What Food Do You Crave Most Often ♦ Chips. What Always Cheers You Up ♦ Crocheting, talking, and tea. How Ambitious Are You ♦ Depends on what it is. What Topic Could You Spend Hours Talking About ♦ Crocheting. What Do You Do To Make The World A Better Place ♦ If we could all get alng, that would be nice. Where Is The Most Uncomfortable Place You've Slept ♦ In a chair. How Often Do You People Watch ♦ Several times a week As The Only Human Left On Earth, What Would You Do ♦ Cry because I'm alone What Dumb Accomplishment Are You Most Proud Of ♦ I can touch my nose with my tongue What Book Impacted You The Most ♦ The Book Theif. Favourites

Favourite Colour ♦ Green. Favourite Song ♦ Walking in Memphis Marc Cohn. Favourite Holiday Movie ♦ A Christmas Carol. Favourite Awful Movie ♦ Dumb and Dumber. Favourite Physical Feature ♦ My nose. Favourite Overall Feature ♦ My kindness. Favourite Tudor Queen ♦ No clue. Favourite Urban Legend ♦ Big Foot. Favourite Perfume ♦ Ten Thousand wishes. Favourite Scentsy Bar / Scented Candle ♦ I don't buy anything scenty but probably something vanilla Favourite Pub Food ♦ Fish and Chips Favourite Odd Smell ♦ Goose poop. Favourite Piece of Clothing ♦ Flannel

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