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talking heads and vinesauce :)

FREE PALESTINE! Links and stuff to donate to causes in Palestine in "activism" list, if you have any trusted permalink websites to add please lmk!

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i promise you'll get a lot more interesting conversation out of me by talking about music. i'm definitely not a film person. and if you recommend new films for me to watch i am never going to see them. that's a guarantee.

number in parentheses: how many times i've seen it (if i remember)

  • stop making sense (12)
  • true stories (8)
  • monty python and the holy grail
  • the spongebob squarepants movie
  • wall-e
  • fargo
  • guardians of the galaxy
  • iron man
  • the avengers (i swear i'm not a marvel movie person)
  • mulan
  • re-animator (13)
  • bride of re-animator (2)
jan 16 2022 ∞
jul 31 2023 +
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  • champagne supernova by oasis (what's the story morning glory)
  • home again by beach house (devotion)
  • days of candy by beach house (depression cherry)
  • boring by the brobecks (violent things)
  • amsterdam by coldplay (a rush of blood to the head)
  • death and all his friends by coldplay (viva la vida)
  • everythings not lost by coldplay (parachutes)
  • where do we belong? anywhere but here by frank iero (stomachaches)
  • maya the psychic by gerard way (hesitant alien)
  • razzmatazz by idkhow (razzmatazz)
  • the ocean by led zeppelin (houses of the holy)
  • bring it on home by led zeppelin (led zeppelin II)
  • congratulations by mgmt (congratulations)
  • exogenesis: symphony pt. 3 (redemption) by muse (the resistance)
  • famous last words by mcr (the black parade)
  • i never told you what i do for a living by mcr (three cheers)
  • demolition lovers by mcr (bullets)
  • build god, then we'll talk by p!atd (afycso)
  • all i wanted by paramore (brand new eyes)
jan 16 2022 ∞
sep 20 2023 +
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  • century III mall in west mifflin, pennsylvania
  • jamestown mall in florissant, missouri
  • knoxville center in north knoxville, tennessee
  • forest fair village in cincinnati, ohio
  • regency square mall in jacksonville, florida
  • owings mills mall in baltimore, maryland
  • marley station in glen burnie, maryland
  • frederick towne mall in frederick, maryland (this one got me into dead malls/urbex/retail history in the first place, it's where i grew up!)
  • northridge mall in milwaukee, wisconsin
  • medley centre in rochester, new york
  • security square mall in baltimore, maryland
  • city view center in garfield heights, ohio
  • euclid square mall in euclid, ohio
  • rolling acres mall in akron, ohio
  • randall park mall in north randall, ohio
  • dixie square mall in harvey, illinois
  • perryville outlet center in perryville, maryland
  • lakeforest mall in gaithersburg, maryland
jan 16 2022 ∞
mar 8 2023 +
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  • records
  • cassette tapes
  • cds
  • stickers
  • starbucks cups
  • green mushrooms (can u guess why)
  • pictures (usually of my current interest)
  • talking heads stuff
  • pin badges/enamel pins
  • sketchbooks/journals
  • ramune bottles
  • japanese snack packaging and toys
  • things shaped like little dicks
  • things that look like pills
  • weird shoes
  • stuffies
  • animal crossing stuff
  • strange words/phrases/sentences
  • funky glasses
jan 19 2022 ∞
sep 20 2023 +
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  • beach house by beach house
  • devotion by beach house
  • bloom by beach house
  • transgender dysphoria blues by against me!
  • x&y by coldplay
  • a rush of blood to the head by coldplay
  • viva la vida by coldplay
  • parachutes by coldplay
  • out of the blue by electric light orchestra
  • hesitant alien by gerard way
  • american idiot by green day
  • razzmatazz by idkhow
  • hot fuss by the killers
  • in through the out door by led zeppelin
  • physical graffiti by led zeppelin
  • led zeppelin iv by led zeppelin
  • mezzanine by massive attack
  • congratulations by mgmt
  • absolution by muse
  • the black parade by my chemical romance
  • three cheers for sweet revenge by my chemical romance
jan 16 2022 ∞
sep 20 2023 +