• "I'm a dork, a geek, and a nerd. I couldn't be happier about it."
  • "It's not like I was even talking about sex. I was talking about using his body while he's asleep!"
  • This piece of 'normal' conversation between my mother and myself:
    • Mom: "Why can't we do something more humane, like sing to the animals before we kill them?"
    • Me: "Yea! It could be like: Ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin' alive, stayin ali-BAM!"
    • Mom: "..............." D:
  • "She is painfully lacking in tact. Perhaps that's how her people are." - Mom
  • "This is the way the world ends, This is the way the world ends, This is the way the world ends, Not with a bang but a whimper." - T.S. Eliot, The Hollow Men
  • Kirk's failure at logic:
    • "You mean he's your brother-brother? You made that up!"
    • "I did not."
    • "You did too! Sybok couldn't possibly be your brother because I happen to know for a fact you don't have a brother!"
    • "Technically you are correct, I do not have a brother."
    • "There, you see? You see?"
    • "I have a half brother."
    • ".....I gotta sit down." - Kirk and Spock, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
  • Bones can never win:
    • "I'll say one thing Spock, you never cease to amaze me."
    • "Nor I, myself." - Dr. McCoy and Spock
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user picture Monroe: "Just lie down and turn off the lights. She'll get the point. If she doesn't, I can fake snore my way into winning the Olympics." - Carolyn. "At least I have good hearing!" "At least I look good naked!" - Priyanka, Me. jun 29 2010
user picture Cspray: I kind of want to know how these came about...and I kind of don't!
user picture Monroe: The first one was from spring break. Krittika wouldn't go to sleep, so Carolyn & I were IMing each other across the room about it. The second one was the ending of a semi-serious argument I had with Priyanka.
user picture priyanka: Haha, I don't even remember what that argument was about. I have a favorite quote! "Who needs friends when you can have underlings who fear you!"--my mother and Carolyn, from two completely different conversations. jul 21 2010