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Just a twenty-one year old Parisian girl. Frivolous, aesthetic and dilettante, I am constantly in search of wonders of all kinds. Jane Austen nerd. Was born to love music & art. Can't live without coffee & love. Can spend a whole day just reading books and watching films. Feels old, but not very wise. Yes she's a dreamer, a modern girl with a romantic streak .

My whole life is based on Art and ...

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  • You tell me you dont love me over a cup of coffee and I just have to look away (Cup Of Coffee by Garbage )
  • I can use my tears to bring you home (Milk by Garbage )
  • Lost myself and I am nowhere to be found, yeah I think that I might break, lost myself again and I feel unsafe (Breath Me by Sia )
  • In a Manner of speaking I just want to say that I could never forget the way you told me everything by saying nothing [..] the way I feel about you is beyond words (In a manner of speaking by Nouvelle Vague )
  • You are the reason why I try to play the guitar (Soft Rock Star by Metric )
  • I walk a mile with a smile, I don't know I don't care, where I am but I know it's alright (Shiver by Natalie Imbruglia )
  • Me I'm the one you chose out of all the people, you wanted me the most (Running by No Doubt )
  • oooh i'm in love for the first time don't you know it's gonna last? it's a love that lasts forever, it's a love that had no past don't let me down. nobody ever loved me like he does, Ooh he does, yeah he does (Don't let me down by The Beatles )
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