• nao kanzaki ♡ liar game
    • the ultimate role model she is my everything
  • roy mustang ♡ fullmetal alchemist
    • the flame alchemist more like the lame alchemist i love this fool so much... my fave disaster adult
  • yeong-gi ♡ i love yoo
    • my number one son!!!! for a boy who has endured and holds so much darkness he shines so kindly and so bright.... at the end of the webtoon all i want is to see him heal :(
  • yuffie kisaragi ♡ final fantasy vii
    • the first fave my fave babe the number one princess square enix needs to treat her character better she is more than just comic relief!!!
  • yuna ♡ final fantasy x
    • imagine thinking i wouldn't die for yuna.... i honestly love her, her determination, and her character development so much.... a top tier final fantasy protagonist

  • amy santiago — brooklyn nine-nine
  • chisaki hiradaira — nagi no asukara
  • karen page — mcu's daredevil
  • makoto niijima — persona 5
  • minako arisato — persona 3 portable
  • serah farron — final fantasy xiii
  • winry rockbell — fullmetal alchemist
  • yukari takeba — persona 3
  • zidane tribal — final fantasy ix


   extended list

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