• What if one day Chanyeol goes to the club and manages to get Kai to go home w/ him for a one night stand but they go to kai's apartment instead of his or a random hotel and when Chanyeol wakes up he has an armful of a lanky blond kid that introduces himself as sehun, and the reason sehun is cuddling him is because he has trouble sleeping w/o a warm body next to him. But I'm not entirely sure why. He decided in Chanyeol I mean Jongin was also there. But this okay. This isn't even a fic it can have loop holes. Maybe Jongin had A weird early morning shift and told him he could hug the giant lol. Oh yeah what if Chanyeol just fell asleep in jongins arms instead Of actually doing anything pmsl. /Jongin is it okay to go in/ yeah this giant fell asleep on me HAHAHAHAHAHA Chanyeol please.So when Jongin left sehun asked for permission to cuddle the giant dork that fell asleep haHhhahaahaajaaha
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