• if kris was the king and he got kyungsoo begging him to help his sick father then kris would be like, i will help him but u will be using ur body to entertain me to get the money yO UKNO W
  • kris would be the king and he did a visit to one of the villages to see things he would see kyungsoo bowing to him and looking at him with his beautiful eyes that made kris fall painfully in love wth him
  • its when kris got kyungsoo as a gift from the korean king (or called the slut house to buy him) he will take him to china he would like go rough with him while reminding him that he bought him, kyungsoo wouldn't complain bc his parents are proud he always thinks that they're must be proud of him for pleasing a king and not just a normal king but the king of china but hes scared of kris bc of many reasons,the servants would be nice with him and trying to reassure him and clean himalways for kris, but i cant think of a happy ending bc in the end kyungsoo would kill himself bc he can't handle all the things hat happened i even thought of mpreg bc kris would like kyungsoo to be his queen
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