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Hello, you can call me “Connor” or my current kin shift name, this is my listography. Please read through everything. After you are done, please send the password provided to follow me!

connor follows:
  • i/n///c/es///t
  • visual depictions of child death
  • balloon popping
  • being called “kid” in a negative way
  • russian roulette
  • flies
  • suicide via overdosing medication
  • the song “gloomy sunday” by emilie autumn
  • the song “starboy” by the weekend
  • sexualizing the concept of our us having a hypersexual disorder
  • unexpected talk of child abuse, specifically neglect
  • sudden loud noises (not the ones in memes)
  • anything reminding me of my abuser.. which is too many triggers to list but i’ll try one day
jul 30 2018 ∞
may 29 2019 +