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you might know me as kegnma on twitter. or den. or denisa.

  • sympathy for lady vengeance (2005). tw: rape, mutilation, violence, blood, animal killing
  • howl's moving castle (2004)
  • parasite (2019). tw: violence, blood
  • confessions (2010). tw: mutilation, violence, blood, sharp objects. overall psychological thriller
  • the handmaiden (2016). tw: mutilation, blood, violence, domestic abuse
  • what we do in the shadows (2014). tw: blood. it's a vampire movie, but comedy
  • a.i. artificial intelligence (1999). cw: abandonment, drowning, death
  • the royal tenenbaums (2001). tw: blood, car crash, drug addiction, incestuous relationship (between step siblings)
  • loving vincent (2017). tw: self harm, suicide, alcohol abuse
  • the secret life of walter mitty (2013)

the list might always change. my series list is on the ongoing tab

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  • 23. she/her/they/them. asian
  • ☼ sagㅤ☾ leoㅤ↑ sag
  • extroverted introvert
  • tweet in both english & bahasa indonesia. free fub & bub
  • semi-personal. i talk about anime, kpop, and personal life
    • i would appreciate it if you follow me strictly on fan account or semi-personal account alike. (don't follow me on personal pls /srs)
    • i do followback, sometimes. depending on the day. if you wanna be moots just ask
  • rule of thumb: if you don't like my tweet, simply do not interact with me/it. as i said, you're free to break the mutual / unfollow for whatever reason. i won't hold it against you. this is our safe space
  • i prefer you have your age & pronouns on your profile
  • please tw domestic abuse, sexual violence, suicide, self-harm, eating disorders, lizard, ge...
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what i tweet about

  • kpop
    • kinda leaning to red velvet ( i ult yeri ), but for now i'm more or less a general listener
    • i don't actively criticize groups/fandoms/music, but i might be reactive to some kpop tweets depending on the day. just mute/bub idc honestly do what you like to make a space between us
    • i still write for some kpop idols sometimes. like fic/au kind of thing. and if you're wondering, i'm not active on rps anymore
  • anime & manga. not spoiler free, but i don't tweet leaked stuff. most of the times i don't mind spoiler either
    • watch and read: mainly csm, jjk, dna, hq, snk, bnha, etc i can't keep up with my media consumption either
    • otp: kuroken, satosugu, all atsumu ships, eremika, yumihisu, kousawa, ryoukura, all miyuki ships, tdbkdk (interchangeable)
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DISCLAIMER: these are questions i've got over the years since i opened my curiouscat account for anonymous user (circa 2017), and these are mostly my personal opinions. feel free to ask some more and/or correct me on my answers. the link to my curiouscat is under the links list. (answers are either in english or bahasa indonesia)



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i write in both english & bahasa indonesia. i'll sort them when i have the time.

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