• digital cameras/pictures
  • coffee
  • American Idol
  • big screen TVs
  • GPS
  • basketball/NBA
  • Survivor
  • Twitter
  • showing movies @school
  • sitting on the beach for a week doing nothing
  • e-readers - no Kindle, no thanks!
jul 22 2009 ∞
dec 5 2011 +
user picture Mahou: We're so alike it's starting to freak me out a little. Well except for big screen TVs, I'd like the movie-like experience, but I REFUSE to spend that amount of money on a TV, it's just silly. nov 11 2009
user picture deniselouise: Great minds think alike! =) The only way I'd get a big TV is if I were building a home theater. I wouldn't mind a flat screen, tho', so it could hang on the wall, out of the way. But normal-sized. jan 18 2010