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  • Alpaca Farmer!
  • novelty shop w/Sunshine
  • Gelato shop - Cafe Deux Filles - take class in Italy!
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dec 30 2010 +
user picture angie xo babiee: alpaca farmer!! nice :) jul 22 2010
user picture Mahou: Architect/Interior Designer... definitely would have loved that! President? No, I'd turn into a dictator. I'd like to run a B&B in the Spanish Pyrenees. We could double by having your alpaca farm and sell the wool ;) aug 29 2010
user picture deniselouise: That sounds magnifique, Mahou! =) nov 20 2010
user picture deniselouise: Yes, I would love to be able to work at home with a magnificent writing desk in a cozy library office. I would especially like not having to deal with other people. ;-) Seeing my book on the shelf at Barnes & Noble would be the icing on the cake. LOL dec 5 2010