hellooooo i'm bellalalalallallala

  • 19 (04), she, salvadoran
  • i like xdh a little bit esp junhan heh.....
  • cute characters like chiikawa, usagi, HACHIWARE, nameko saibai r my favs also i have a pretty big minion colelction
  • i also collect pcs esp xdh junhan but also some xdh ode, stayc j, and some misc like drippin minseo, tbz hyunjae, ot6 myteen, nmixx jiwoo + haewon..my bst acc is rookiecard021 :>

I dnt rly know what else to say but I use twt more BUT I DO SPAM AND RT A LOT so if u rq, feel free to turn off rts...

nov 12 2022 ∞
sep 4 2023 +