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i like lists. :)

mainly for my own consumption.
and will mostly be about fandoms.

bibe follows:

☆ personally signed (11)

  • all time low dirty work limited tour edition: cd + dvd
  • cobra starship hot mess
  • dashboard confessional alter the ending limited international edition
  • evanescence deluxe version (signed by amy lee)
  • fall out boy folie a deux
  • fall out boy save rock and roll
  • good charlotte cardiology
  • the cab symphony soldier
  • the fray scars & stories
  • yellowcard greatest hits tour edition cd + poster

these are mostly ph press since i only buy their albums when i go to their signings :P

☆ others /not signed

  • fall out boy **** live in phoenix dvd
  • jennifer lopez dance again... the hits *
mar 3 2014 ∞
jul 22 2017 +