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i like lists. :)

mainly for my own consumption.
and will mostly be about fandoms.

bibe follows:

always trying to get this up to date. i want to be very detailed sometimes. main fandoms are obvious. can be a selling post, let me know if you're interested on something. i love my things and i'm OC.

  • ~ : signed
  • * : ;)
  • [] : wishlist
  • () : indicates number of item, automatic 1 if not indicated. also indicates other description.
  • kpop merch are korean versions/releases unless specified.
  • everything's opened unless stated otherwise.
  • most are never played, not even once.
  • everything's kept neatly in their previous plastic or a new one.

will be focusing on vixx, svt, nu'est, wanna one, yamaken, and mackenyu. but will try to support and will forever love dgna, winner, beast/highlight, ze:a ;;

mar 3 2014 ∞
jan 20 2018 +