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free! iwatobi swim club


  • haruka, rin.
  • pg
  • 2,500w
  • Thinking about Rin as he was when they were twelve, Haruka remembers something he hadn't realized that he'd forgotten.
  • For the prompt: "Let's say that Rin came across some sort of magical device and somehow transformed back into the cute, happy shota he used to be for 24 hours. And Haru comes across him in that state. Rin doesn't seem to notice that Haru has aged and treats him pretty much like he did when they were kids. After the initial "wtf is going on" of the situation, Haru decides to stick around until he transforms back. I'm looking for something fluffy but kind of bittersweet too. I'm sure Haru ...
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super junior


  • ryeowook-centric, sungmin/ryeowook
  • pg-13 (some sexual content)
  • ~7,000w
  • Super Junior disbands, so Ryeowook and Sungmin go on a trip around the world. They call it a vacation, but somehow it feels more like running away.

killers!au snippets:

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hg fic: attack on titan au

  • sehun/suho
  • r (intercrural sex)
  • 1,100w

hg fic: mamaverse au

  • xiumin-centric
  • pg
  • 750w
  • Thanks to his ability to freeze things, Minseok and Sehun are favorites for the hot summer months. They are just shameless enough to milk it for all it’s worth.

hg fic: match point - prince of tennis a...

  • xiumin-centric, sort of lu han/xiumin/kris
  • pg
  • 2,100w
  • Prince of Tennis AU where Exo-M are Seiga...
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school 2013


  • heungsoo/namsoon
  • pg-13 for non-explicit sexual material
  • ~1,700w
  • Some things in life come naturally: caterpillars wrap themselves in cocoons and come out of them as butterflies, birds hatch from eggs and learn to fly. It’s the same when Namsoon leans over and presses his lips to the corner of Heungsoo’s mouth -- easy, effortless, thoughtless. (A post-School 2013 fic.)

when the lights will go out

  • heungsoo-centric, heungsoo/namsoon
  • pg-13 for non-explicit sexual material
  • ~2,500w
  • There are three Go Namsoons in Heungsoo's mind: there's the Namsoon from before, t...
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a man in his time plays many parts

  • woohyun/sunggyu
  • r
  • ~5,600w
  • Woohyun is a rookie actor and Kim Sunggyu is his idol. “60 Seconds” is the movie they shoot together. ( “As Shakespeare said, all the world’s a stage,” Sunggyu quips, “and all the men and women, merely players. Are you disappointed?”

“No,” Woohyun replies. It’s an honest answer.)

2,500 miles & everything in between

  • hoya/sunggyu
  • pg-13
  • ~7000w
  • Today: Sunggyu and Hoya go on a trip halfway across the nation and back. Someday i...
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