• laurie
  • 18 / july 18 / ireland
  • gray ace
  • slytherin for lyf / intp
  • i'll fight you to the death for grantaire and bucky barnes
  • constantly gay about space
  • spirals frequently into outbursts about socialism, queer issues and feminism
  • complains about probably everything and is generally mean and an asshole tbh
  • i love choi minho. also park yoochun.
  • OldManFucker
  • im so emo about jyj and tvxq that sometimes i surprise even myself
  • i also love all three members of cnblue a lot
  • i talk about rpf fic a lot so uh yeah
  • i also swear a lot and am generally nsfw idk why im like this either
apr 14 2015 ∞
may 21 2015 +