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"drowning beneath the waves, you suffer because you feel so deeply. you love hard and despite the pain, it makes it all worth it."

may 8 2017 ∞
may 6 2018 +
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“you cannot appreciate the beauty of the sky at night without these five shining lights.” 080525

for me particularly, when i listen to the music of the team called shinee, i think that ultimately shinee is me and i am shinee. at the end of a busy day, emptiness is always there. when the road is dark and strange and i feel alone... but my sadness is comforted by you. the world in my heart is shaking, but it calms me. i didn’t think i could get up alone in the past and i was facing the wall of reality, but you were a light that shined on me.

sep 25 2017 ∞
sep 25 2017 +