• why can't you see that you belong with m...
    • sicheng knew he wasn't popular. he was tall, quite beautiful, but he had difficulties with communicating since he was a foreigner. it made him insecure and feel out of place. normally the only thing that could really make him happy was dancing, but lately something changed. that something, or rather someone, was his neighbor from across the street, nakamoto yuta. he helped him improve his korean and gave him attention that he didn’t even know he needed. there was only one problem. yuta was really popular as the captain of the soccer team and he had a girlfriend.
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  • black holes in its best form
    • ps: pt/br.
    • na qual renjun tenta provar a jaemin que fantasmas existem e o faz uma proposta. o que ele não imaginava é que ele também provaria algo a si mesmo.
  • like you even before
    • renjun bumped into the school's heartthrob, na jaemin, in the library. and the unexpected happening was just the start of the unexpected turn of events.
  • oh my! what should i do because i like y...
    • "someone’s really trying to piss you off," jisung suddenly pops up from behind him. "or you have a secret admirer that sucks at wooing you." just shut up and take it." in which renjun leaves snacks and drinks that jaemin hates for him and wonde...
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  • web your way into my heart
    • mark is spiderman. and donghyuck knows he’s spiderman. but mark doesn't know that donghyuck knows.
  • kiss, kiss, fall in love
    • trust their school to act all cliche and dump a kissing booth in the middle of the school festiva. trust mark to be stupid enough to agree and run said kissing booth. (not that donghyuck cares. he doesn't. he totally doesn't.)
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  • a kiss for my prince
    • a rainy day at school and junkyu isn't fond of going home in such weather conditions. however, he didn't expect mashiho to show up and didn't expect how his day would end at all. or: junkyu crushes hard on mashiho and said one helps him getting home. as the nice guy junkyu is, he gives him his thanks - in a different way than anybody had thought.
  • sinking in the deep of right and wrong
    • "you got a soulmate?" junkyu asks. mashiho shakes his head. "i do, but i haven’t found them yet." junkyu is glad he doesn’t need to ask another question when mashiho rolls up his sleeve of his left arm. "still black." (soulmate au in which junkyu has a crush on mashiho but they haven’t found their soulmates yet).
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