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  • I use Windows, not Linux. I have an Ubuntu installation CD, however...but I have too many Windows-only music applications to switch.
  • I have never played Dungeons & Dragons, though I know how.
  • I have never played and never will play Magic: The Gathering
  • I don't know Python script.
  • I am good at sports.
  • I have a girlfriend.
  • My girlfriend is hot
  • And she's not a nerd. (She is becoming one though. She can solve a Rubiks cube; has racked up like 80 hours playing Elder Scrolls IV; and reads XKCD, which she discovered on her own, and she doesn't get most of the references, which is a good thing)
  • I am a musician, which is sexy.
  • I wasn't in the chess club.
  • I can't speak Klingon
  • I only know Pi to the 8th digit after the decimal.
  • I've never masturbated to ASCII porn
may 9 2008 ∞
aug 26 2010 +
user picture trista: i feel like you didnt really try. you just want to be a nerd! forever and ever!! may 12 2008
user picture Nicki: i feel like a nerd for just laughing at the "ASCII porn" one... jun 23 2008