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  • NL Cy Young: Z. Grienke
  • ALCy Young: J. Weaver
  • NL MVP: B. McCann
  • AL MVP: M. Cabrera
  • NL RotY: B. Harper
  • AL RotY: M. Moore

Playoff teams:

  • NL: Braves, Giants, Reds, Brewers (W.C.), Nationals (W.C.).
  • AL: Rays, Tigers, Rangers, Angels (W.C.), Red Sox (W.C.).
  • WORLD SERIES: Rays defeat Braves in 7.


  • NL WAR-leader: Tulowitzky
  • AL WAR-leader: Longoria
  • Pitching WAR leaders: R. Halladay (NL), F. Hernandez (AL)
  • FIP leaders, starters: S. Strasburg (NL), J. Weaver (AL)
  • FIP leaders, bullpen: S. Romo (NL), M. Adams (AL)

Misc. Predicctions:

  • Mike Stanton will lead the MLB in HR.
  • Bumgarner will be the best pitcher on the Giants (by WAR, FIP, & SIERA).
  • Hanley Ramirez will finish in the top 5 of MVP voting.
  • Matt Kemp will hit fewer than 25 HR.
  • Weiters, Zobrist, J. Upton, C. Santana, Kinsler, and McCutchen will all be 6+ WAR players.
  • Pujols (by WAR and wOBA) will have his worst year since his rookie year.
  • Yu Darvish will be an All-Star, RotY runner-up, and finish in the top 10 in Cy Young voting. Matt Moore will be slightly better.
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user picture Daniel W.: As it stands currently, my Stanton and Kemp HR predictions look awful; the Brewers look bad, and Matt Moore has been garbage. Other than that, I feel good about these predictions. may 16 2012