• form a band and make an album with Trista
  • help Trista finish her stop-motion film
  • be quicker to admit when I'm wrong.
  • save up lots of money for CSU Monterey Bay
  • learn a new musical instrument
  • get better at the cello
  • finally get my driver's license
  • go on a road trip to Canada with Trista!

i can't think of anything else

dec 31 2008 ∞
aug 26 2010 +
user picture trista: yeah yeah! Neptune VS. The Unicorn! Will said that name is too close to the band name "The Unicorns"... do you think that is true??? cuz i dont. jan 15 2009
user picture Daniel W.: no. they are not too similar. they share one word, and in theirs, it's pluralized.
user picture trista: stop causing Trista heart aches with my adorableness? thats a good one. jun 10 2009