user picture trista: i totally do not agree with topher grace! how is he man crush worthy?! jun 19 2008
user picture trista: and sandwiched between EDWARD NORTON and GEORGE CLOONEY. yeah right.
user picture Daniel W.: Okay. He's been bumped off by the much more worthy Jason Bateman. jul 1 2008
user picture trista: YAY jason bateman!!! more like Jason BABEman!!! jul 2 2008
user picture Erica: Steve Marting is my FAVOURITE! jun 29 2008
user picture jaqui: YES!!!!...Clive Owen! dec 17 2008
user picture trista: I am making a celebrity crush list so i came here for reference! first i was going to make a "weird celebrity" crush list, but then i couldnt think of very many, which was my problem a while ago when i was going to make a "celebrity crush" list. so i combined them! i celebrity crush is a celebrity crush i guess. feb 13 2009