• Monday: Cardio/Lower body- legs/glutes/abs
  • Tuesday: Cardio/ Upperbody- bis/tris/


  • Wednesday: Cardio/Lower body- legs/glutes/


  • Thursday:Cardio/ Upperbody- bis/tris/


  • Friday: Cardio/full body
  • Saturday: "Fun/Play" workout, Wing Chun when I can get to the class
  • Sunday: Rest
  • Cardio = bike, treadmill, run/walk, eliptical
  • Stretches are always included before and after workouts
  • some days are two-a-days - that includes yoga, pilates, dance, etc
  • also using active trainer to help me train for a marathon. that workout is incorporated in my week as well

Can always check my OD for a detailed workout report.

oct 28 2008 ∞
oct 28 2008 +
user picture Kristi: That is awesome! I have a similar routine. Expect for marathon training. And we also have a friend in common. Mike and I are OD friends, too. Very cool. :) oct 28 2008
user picture Kristi: You rock! That is a great motivator!!!