• Someone who will support you no matter what.
  • Someone you can trust.
  • Someone who won't judge you.
  • Someone who won't put you down or deliberately hurt your feelings, but will show kindness and respect.
  • Someone who if they do hurt you, apologizes and accepts personal responsibility for it rather than blame you for it.
  • Someone who will love you not because they feel they have to because you're their friend, but because they choose to.
  • Someone whose company you enjoy.
  • Someone whose loyalty you can depend upon.
  • Someone who will be there no matter what your situation is.
  • Someone who notices that something is wrong and cares enough to ask and support you.
  • Someone who is trustworthy.
  • Someone who is not afraid to tell you the truth, no matter how hard it is sometimes.
  • Someone who can laugh when you laugh.
  • Someone who will stick around when things get rough.
  • Someone who makes you smile.
  • Someone who can accept you for who you are.
  • Someone who will just lend you an ear when you need to whine or complain.
  • Someone who will cry when you cry.
  • Someone who will give you room to change.
  • Someone you can depend on.
  • Someone you can talk to.
  • Someone that realizes friendship is a give and take relationship; not selfish and one-sided.
  • Someone who accepts differences and knows it is part of what makes each of us unique and special.

This is a quote from an 11 year old boy...spoken well (out of the mouths of babes as the saying goes) "If you are loyal, trustworthy, and always there for another person, but they do not treat you the same way, that person is not a real friend. Similarly, if a person is loyal, trustworthy, and always there for you, but you do not treat them the same way, then you are not a true friend." For this young man, reciprocity within the relationship is as important as the virtues of loyalty and trust that comprise friendship.

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