• favorite movies
  • goals
  • people I would like to see
  • Questions for Bishop
  • dreams and hopes
  • wishlist
  • elusive squirrel (will make sense when I write it..smiles)
  • movies I want to see
  • Things I want to do in my lifetime
  • words that describe me
  • important people in my life
  • tribute to my grandfather...anniversary of death was yesterday - 11/11
  • Historical Times and Events I'd like to time travel to
  • Jobs I would do for a day
  • Best things about each season
  • Favorite heros/villians
  • ABC list of various things
  • Favorite smells, sights, etc
  • Least favorite (senses)
nov 5 2008 ∞
nov 18 2008 +
user picture Kristi: Haha I love it! I also made a list of the lists I would like to make...Cool! I am not the only one... nov 6 2008