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this is a more detailed list since people have followed me and ended up arguing with me. i know it's very long. just read the beginning and continue if you want an explanation.

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  • against self-diagnosing. with extensive research.
  • don't include disabled people in your activism.
  • demonize cluster b disorders. say things like 'narcissistic abuse', use psychopath/sociopath in derogatory ways or etc.
  • infantilize or romanticize any illnesses or disorders yall love to preach talking about mental health until it gets messy. a depressed person not showering? brushing their teeth? changing their clothes? how dare they
  • refer to neurodivergent/disabled people as 'special' or 'differently abled', inspirational for doing literally nothing or anything of the likes of that.
  • think that because you can't see the disability it "isn't that bad." mental & invisible disabilities are just as valid.
  • think the autism spectrum linear. autism is a spectrum no two autistic people are going to be EXACTLY the same, we all experience things differently.
  • refuse to use tone tags and/or mock them & people who need them. tone tags are important for all people not just us autistic folks you dont have to have them all memorized perfectly using /s isnt that hard.
  • believe disorders/illnesses have 'looks' eg: "you don't look autistic" "you don't look depressed" "you don't look ____" etc.
  • spread misinform about disorders or illnesses. i am looking at you tiktok fuckers.
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