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* this is an extended dni list i made! however, this is free to use and whoever feels like this dni suits their own can link it/use it as they wish!
* i personally got tired of typing this every single time so i decided to make a listography to compile everything in one accessible place ^_^
* btw all of these also include people who're neutral about these topics or believe they're 'opinions'!

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what does the 'basic dni criteria' consist of? well, this could differ depending on the person but i'd say it's mostly a do not interact if you're:

  • racist, anti-black , against blm, all/blue lives matter
  • nazi, alt-right
  • antisemitic, islamophobic
  • xenophobic
  • map or 'minor attracted person', a pedophile - basically
  • fujoshi/fundashi , fetishize mlm relationships/pairings/etc
  • romanticize abuse or mental illnesses
  • ableist (this includes people who are against self diagnosis too!)
  • lgbtphobic (lesbophobic, homophobic, biphobic, panphobic, transphobic, exclusionist, etc)
  • use slurs you can't reclaim
  • believe in/are a bi/pan lesbian (here's a helpful carrd about it btw!)
  • believe fiction doesn't affect reality or you're pro-ship/anti-anti
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do not interact if you're transphobic, this includes:

  • against xenogenders, neopronouns
  • against lesbians who use pronouns that aren't she/her , the same applies for gay men who use pronouns that aren't he/him
  • against any sort of non-binary identity
  • make fun of the way people identify? it's not only plain rude, but also extremely transphobic
  • trans-exclusionary radical feminist or any branch of feminism that excludes trans women or claim that trans women are not women or that feminism fights for trans men too
  • the feminism you are part of has a transphobic community or ideals, and you don't actively call it out/do anything against it, this applies to you too, people who are 'neutral' about transmisogyny and transphobia are transphobic as well
  • do not have a problem interacting/being friends with people who are transphobic, i...
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do not interact if you believe fiction doesn't affect reality, this includes:

  • joke about or justify incest in any form, including families who aren't related by blood (step-siblings, adopted family, etc)
  • joke about or justify pedophilia in any form
  • justify or participate in the sexualization of minors
  • justify abusive or unhealthy relationships

it isn't necessarily a 1:1 thing but it's still important to acknowledge how it affects our lives

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please be critical of your interests, nothing is inherently perfect or good, so be mindful of the source material, humans are inherently political, and so is the media we consume in one way or another

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